The Cons of Synthetic Fertilizers


The soils in the world today have really changed in the last few years due to the change in the environment, increase in population and negligence by the people, government and non governmental organizations. One of the strategies that we can use to compact this problem is by planting more trees in our compounds. However, we need to careful about the fertilizers or inputs that we use to boost growth of the trees.

The use of synthetic fertilizers should be discouraged completely and stopped if the worst comes to worst. Here are reasons why you should avoid using them.



Containing Pollutant Elements

This is one of the main reasons why millions of people are up in arms discouraging people from using synthetic fertilizers. They contain elements that have the ability to pollute the environment. There is a need for all of us to come together and devise ways of ensuring that the inputs that people use are devoid of these elements when planting trees.

Leach Nutrients

One of the reasons you should only use organic fertilizers is that the nutrients are not easily leached into the soil and underground water. On the other hand, synthetic fertilizers contain loosely bonded nutrients that are washed down to deep layers where the trees cannot access them when it rains.

Finally, synthetic fertilizers are very expensive and inconvenient to use if you want to really succeed in growing trees in your landscape. That is all for today.



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