Choosing Tree Species

If you want to improve the appearance of your landscape, it is important to make sure that you plant the right tree species. There are millions of tree species in the world today. The new technology of breeding different trees has really helped us to improve on the existing trees. Kenya is the home of the indigenous trees in the world. There are also hundreds of Kenyan tourist sites, that you can visit to see these trees and wildlife.

That is however, a story for another day. Let us look at the things you need to consider when choosing tree species.

The Growth Rate or Amount of Time Needed to Grow

The growth rate basically refers to the amount of time that the plant will need to germinate and reach full maturity. If you want your landscape to be in good shape in three months, make sure that the tree species that the tree care company plants can grow within that period so that you get the best outcome.


Soil Nutrients Required

It goes without saying that just like the plants that you take care of in your home garden, trees also need to be taken care of. They need enough water and nutrients such as calcium and magnesium and potassium to grow well. Hence, it is wise to put into consideration the nutritional value of the soil in your landscape.

Check us again soon to learn more about trees and bats.

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